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We are no ordinary SEO agency

We don’t just learn SEO >> We create it. We test it. We perfect it.

We are SEO scientists and daily reverse engineer how Google rates websites.
Most agencies & consultants merely learn from online videos and blogs.
They are eternal students of free material and never develop a strategy of their own.

With us, you work with people that have shaped our industry’s standard best practices.
Our proprietary authority building processes can rank websites worldwide in Google.
Ranking your business #1 in your area is an easy task for us.

Hero Brand

A hero brand stands for something and is compelling. These two qualities exist at the intersection of branding and SEO. Even if you are #1 in Google, your ideal customer will leave your website, if they don’t find you compelling. We ensure that your website connects to people.

Long Term Success

Twice per day, Google changes & improves its ranking algorithm. Due to our ongoing research, we remain on top of these changes and make your website future-proof. We shield you against spam and apply every new strategy that we develop. This way, we ensure high rankings for as many years as we are working together.

Thought Leader

We are successful because we develop the very strategies and standard best practices that others just learn. Today, 92% of everything we do is proprietary. Our authority building processes are based on continuous research and remain unavailable to both our and your competition.

A new outlook

Our agency is driven by values that supersede monetary goals.
We only work with positive, heroic brands, businesses, and people.
You have largely negative reviews? Go away. You are unlicensed? Go away.
Our SEO is powerful and we refuse to give bad businesses such influence in their market.

Life is great when you love what you do.
The truth is that most agencies don’t know what they are doing, so they churn & burn their clients.
We instead work with our clients for years, thus profit takes care of itself and we pay it no mind.
Our #1 priority is to care about you and your business. All of our clients become our friends.


Most marketing companies still apply spammy old methods that cost very little and don’t work, which is why many businesses get burned by bad SEO services. Our strategies work in symbiosis with Google’s wishes and use natural means that stand the test of time. We help Google to recognize your quality and it will reward you for it.

You, Everywhere

While SEO is our main focus, we are ultimately online marketing professionals and point many sources of traffic to your website, using business citations, social media, Youtube, Google Ads, and more. Depending on feasibility, we sometimes also rank bbb-profiles and other secondary web properties in Google, giving you more than just one spot in the search engine.

No Borders

We are not only a USA SEO company but serve clients all over the world, like Canada, Germany, and Australia. If your business has branches in multiple cities, we can assist you in dominating every single one of them in Google. The web has no borders and our strategies work independent of location or language.

We Have a Social Mission

Who’s Talkin’ Media is based on powerful principles and values. Our founder has always supported conservation efforts and charities.
Do you represent a non-profit? Do you plan a new project or need help with your website? Is a local business attached to you that provides funding?
If so, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to advise you for free or help at very low cost.

“Who’s Talkin’ Media leaves entire marketing departments in the dust.
There are very few SEO professionals with this much understanding of Google
and how to turn websites into customer magnets.”

– T. Proctor, Online Entrepreneur

The USA SEO Company

Things to Consider

Why SEO is More Valuable Than Ads

Did you know that only 2-3% of people click on the advertising positions at the top of Google? On the other hand, if you run a local business and rank at the top of the organic search results and also show up in the local maps, you can expect to receive a whopping 40% of all clicks. Advertising or buying leads is for those without high rankings. When someone is looking for a service or product, they usually just take the top results seriously, because people’s gut feeling is often determined by the ranking of a website. Running ads in Google is expensive and limited in its scalability because the majority of people scroll past the ads.

There is another effect to keep in mind: On the #1 position, you attract the attention of others in your industry and possibly even the press. This may give you many more opportunities to win new partners and customers. It’s no wonder that market leaders are always found at the top – they often become market leaders in the first place because they have invested in cutting edge search engine optimization. If you wish to grow your business in a healthy manner, it is important to earn such a top position, but today this is harder than ever and can no longer be achieved by simple methods or by doing it yourself. Sometimes we talk to companies that are interested in our proprietary SEO strategies but prefer to try it themselves first. They end up wasting a lot of time and often damage their website instead of helping it. Google is rigorous about how it evaluates websites and is only waiting for you to make a mistake.

Pricing Expectations

When it comes to SEO and related online visibility options, never expect prices lower than $1k per month. Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that SEO services are cheap, possibly because they get approached by so many low-level SEO consultants that offer spammy services at low prices.

Ask yourself these questions: What is the lifetime value of one customer to your business, and what is the cost of running an ad in Google? Chances are the latter is over $20 per click. Roofers often pay $40 and DUI lawyers up to $300 per click. This is why our law firm SEO services and plastic surgeon SEO are so sought after. Many businesses make a lot of income per customer and can afford to spend that kind of money just for someone clicking to their website. But if you rank in Google, all clicks are free. Some of our local business clients get $50k per month in free traffic & calls due to their organic rankings. Considering that, you can easily see why SEO actually has a terrific value and ends up being less costly than any other form of marketing. If you want it done correctly and powerfully, you need to be prepared to spend what’s needed. Our prices are different for every business and city and usually start at $2k a month, for only that is where it starts to be realistic.

SEO Experience

About 95% of our clients have had negative experiences with at least one SEO agency in the past. This is because most companies ultimately delegate you to employees whose knowledge comes from books, blogs, and videos. They are merely students and try to follow free training and tips, which is to say most agencies appear to have no clue what they are doing. Dependable search engine optimization strategies are worth millions and we would never share them with anyone. The ability to make you a top 3 website in your area is far too valuable and needs to be constantly developed, researched, and adapted. There is no way for free information to cut it. We distance ourselves from the SEO industry because we are different and work at a high level of excellence. Our founder was one of the people who originally invented SEO in 2000, and we have been developing our strategies ever since before our inception.

How Does an SEO Project Work?

When you are done filling out our discovery form, we analyze your website and competition to determine what strategy and pricing are needed to be competitive. We take into account how strong your website already is, where it appears in Google, how many people search for your type of service, what keywords (search phrases) are best for you, and whether the site has been damaged due to bad SEO in the past. When we look at keywords we distinguish local terms like “SEO Los Angeles” from more general terms on a national level like “SEO”, because the latter is much harder to win and therefore require a larger budget & time frame. If you run a local business, the first type of keyword applies to you.

In general, our proprietary strategies encompass a mixture of modern on-page and off-page factors, meaning your website is going to be optimized both internally and externally. The former is done by adjusting titles, content, meta information, speed, and many other technical details. The latter is the bulk of the project and done by incorporating social media, business citations (Yelp, Yellow Pages etc.), links from other authority websites and numerous other means. Google takes a well-networked site more seriously and also looks at the way people interact with your website, which is why social search engine optimization has become an important factor in website rankings. Overall, off-page optimization accounts for 99% of the work and is very complex.

Video Content

Videos are the most popular type of content today. They are not as tedious and time-consuming as reading long texts since you can lean back and just listen. We humans are visual beings and every business is well advised to take advantage of this fact. Moreover, we generally have no trouble ranking Youtube videos in Google. This means you can have both your website and a video appear on page 1 of the search results, causing more people to find you instead of your competitors. Since Youtube belongs to Google and enjoys high authority, videos rank very well both in the search engine and on Youtube itself. For these reasons, we recommend that you have at least one short video about yourself. It only needs to be about two minutes long and doesn’t need to have Hollywood-quality. All it should do is connect to people – it works best to be warm instead of cold and professional.

USA SEO – And Beyond

We can help you to rank at the top in your city, in multiple cities, and even across the whole nation. Sometimes we rank websites all over the world! Since the Internet has no borders, Google does not care whether a website is geared towards a particular country or language. Our approach to SEO works the same everywhere. For example, if you operate a branch in three US cities, one in Canada, and one in England, we can rank location specific pages on the same website for each location, like New York SEO, or LA SEO.

Creating a Better Marketplace

We love what we do. Working with hero brands and bringing them to the top is our passion. We only work with genuinely good businesses that deserve & should be at the top, so that everyone can find them and their services. By the way, if you happen to run a green pest control company, please contact us, for we want to rank you above all the toxic ones in your city. This is what we do! We create a better marketplace by shaping it in a positive way. All of our clients end up becoming our friends. You and us are going to cultivate a great relationship and work together for many years, so that you may grow and expand over time.

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