At our goal is to connect our users with the most up to date conversations that they care about most. In an effort to make that process easier, we are developing a series of tools that you can use to integrate the platform into your daily routine. Feel free to use any of the tools below, and don't hesitate to contact us with ideas of new tools that we need to build!

iGoogle Gadget

The WhosTalkin iGoogle Gadget brings the power of the platform straight to your iGoogle home page! You can now find out exactly what is being said in the world of social media with out leaving the comfort of your home page. This gadget works in both the standard view and the popular "canvas view". To get started using this amazing gadget click the link below to subscribe.

Add to Google << Click here to add gadget.

Browser Search Plugin

The WhosTalkin Browser Search Plugin brings the power of the platform straight to your browser search bar! You can now use the Platform by simply typing in your search request into your browser's search bar. To install check out the video guides below.

Installation Instructions for Firefox

Installation Instructions for Internet Explorer