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I am excited about the future of the web…No, seriously, I am!

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Some might think I am crazy. And some might be right! But the truth is that I am excited about the future of the internet! The internet is still reletively young and the ingredients for innovation are in amble supply. All we need now is to be pushed into the next stage.

While some are scared of the future and others are literally singing it’s praises, the one undeniable fact is that during times of desperation human beings have historically been the most innovative. And, many times through that innovation comes decades of wealth were ideas flourish.

I think that starting something new during this time is an amazing opportunity to build a business strategy that relies on real production methods, versus chasing venture capital. I think that in doing that successfully you can come out of this period strong and more solid then others that have no monetizing apparatus.

What does this mean for WhosTalkin? Well, for starters it means that I am going to be constantly working to polish and shine all of the features, not only during the beta test but also through out its entire existence. It means that the whole project will focus on: keeping development cost low and developing our monetizing apperatus quickly. As a result we will hopefully see a larger ROI.

And for those of you that still think I am crazy, I must not be the only one.

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