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WhosTalkin’s API Goes Into Public Beta

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Its hard to believe that WhosTalkin has been around for over a year. Its been an amazing learning experience that has pushed my boundaries as a developer and an entrepreneur. Its this experience that has taught me more about the web and the realities (both technical and business) of real time data. (more…)

Whats to come…

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Wow, a lot has happened since we launched a little over a week ago! We have seen tremendous coverage across the internet, and to this day we are seeing more and more people discover and join in on the conversations that they care about most. We want to take a moment and thank you for taking part in our public beta! Over the last week we have received many suggestions and ideas on how we can improve, we are implementing many of these ideas! We wanted to take a moment and talk a little about some of the many features and options that are not available yet. Below is an overview of some different ideas that we are currently working!

Save This Search

This feature will allow users the ability to save search terms and queries for retrieval in the future. This feature will also be used in conjunction with other tools and options. “Saved Searches” will be available to subscription based users only.

RSS Feeds

This feature will provide RSS Feeds for each search term that can be fed into a feed reader or other application. RSS Feeds will be available to subscription based users only.

WordPress Plugin - A WordPress plugin that will integrate a WP blog into the WhosTalkin? platform. Users will be able to run WT searches straight from their dashboard. Blog information such as URL and Blog name will be automatically integrated to give the blog owner a complete profile.

FireFox Plugin - Allows users to perform searches from their browser.

iGoogle Gadget – Allows users to perform searches from their iGoogle home page

UPDATE – We Are Back UP!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

*UPDATE*  — 10:47am EST — We have resolved all issues and the system is now back online. It appears that we were having issues pulling data from Bloglines. We will be in contact with the folks over at Bloglines to make sure that we can continue to include their results in our platform. Until then, we are excluding them from our service to ensure that our system continues to operate smoothly.

We had such a great launch yesterday that we are currently having some issues pulling data from a few of the services that we have tied in. Due to this we have taken the system temporarily offline to fix these bugs. Please stay tuned to this post for more information.

Joe Hall

Public Beta Launched!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

After 7 months of development, we are finally unveiling the Platform to the public! Our private beta testers gave it their all and helped us shape the direction and face of With their guidance made the following changes below.

  • New design and logo.
  • Improved the sorting algorithm to organize by freshness and source.
  • Developed a URL API to allow third party developers and applications to tie in.
  • Added around 15 new services that we aggregate data from, putting our total over 60!

Get the ball rolling…

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Rae Hoffman just wrote a great piece titled “How to Promote a Brand New Blog“. Rae talks about some great tactics to get a new blog or site some needed publicity. Rae lays out the following as needed things to do to get the ball rolling on that new site:

  • Create Promos and Trailers
  • Do Guest Appearances
  • Seek Out Sponsorships and Buzz Events
  • Form “Street Teams”

Of course I am not going to tell you everything that Rae said, go read it for your self! But, I will say that I think all of her advice is great stuff that I will be using to promote WhosTalkin? In fact, I already have a few Promos and Trailers that you should see on this blog and accross the web.

When is this thing gonna launch?

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Thats a very good question! The answer is: when its ready. When will it be ready? When I am confident that we have reached a level of satisfaction with the beta testers in the two categories below:

Function: Are the results, relevant enough? Do we need to add or subtract options? Is there excessive repeats?

User Interface: Are there any overwhelming design problems? Is everything standard compliant and cross browser compatible? Is the general layout suitable for easy navigation?

There will be many more ideas and issues that arise from this process but I am confident that taking the time to vet all of these issues will allow us the ability to hit the ground running hard when its launch time. The last thing we want to do is fall victim to the “Dip”! Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post about some future features and tools that we are working on for the WhosTalkin platform.

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