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Get the ball rolling…

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Rae Hoffman just wrote a great piece titled “How to Promote a Brand New Blog“. Rae talks about some great tactics to get a new blog or site some needed publicity. Rae lays out the following as needed things to do to get the ball rolling on that new site:

  • Create Promos and Trailers
  • Do Guest Appearances
  • Seek Out Sponsorships and Buzz Events
  • Form “Street Teams”

Of course I am not going to tell you everything that Rae said, go read it for your self! But, I will say that I think all of her advice is great stuff that I will be using to promote WhosTalkin? In fact, I already have a few Promos and Trailers that you should see on this blog and accross the web.

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