Social Media Search Tools

One of the centerpiece functions of the WhosTalkin platform will be the ability to save searches. This will allow users the ability to easily retrieve searches. The save searches feature will also enable us to expand the product into various extensions and tools, giving our users the ability to fully integrate the WhosTalkin platform into their daily routine.

WordPress Plugin - A WordPress plugin that will integrate a WP blog into the WhosTalkin? platform. Users will be able to run WhosTalkin searches straight from their dashboard. Blog information such as URL and Blog name will be automatically integrated to give the blog owner a complete site/blog wide profile.

FireFox Plugin – Allows users to perform searches from their browser.

iGoogle Gadget – Allows users to perform searches from their iGoogle home page

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  1. sweetmc Says:

    yeah, i just did a search for a widget in igoogle and didn’t find one. i can make basic widgets, but am not sure how to make one from whostalkin. from a blog i used the rss. doesn’t look so simple for this one. i’ll just have to wait.

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