WhosTalkin’s API Goes Into Public Beta

Its hard to believe that WhosTalkin has been around for over a year. Its been an amazing learning experience that has pushed my boundaries as a developer and an entrepreneur. Its this experience that has taught me more about the web and the realities (both technical and business) of real time data.

When WhosTalkin first launched we received a lot of attention from both corporate and small business about scaling our platform for enterprise level monitoring. As a result about a month after we launched we started to develop a full scale monitoring platform that includes trending data, backlogs, email alerts, and much more. During our private beta test we indexed over 750,000 brand mentions for our 34 private beta testers.

During the beta test two things happened.

  1. Everyone under the sun started their own enterprise level social media monitoring platform! Suddenly the market was saturated with monitoring tools. The honest truth is that most of these tools are nothing more than hack jobs with a fresh coat of paint. To truly build a monitoring platform of substantial quality you must have a multifaceted understanding of the world wide web and the complexities of merging diverse forms of data.

  2. People kept asking about an API. Several of our beta testers and several outside corporations, including one of the world’s largest media conglomerates, requested access to an API. At first the prospects of having an API seemed interesting. However, our first goal was the development of our platform. Then as market competition grew and the realities of managing a platform set in, we decided to put the development of the API at the forefront.

The API is now in a public beta. You can read more about the API at its documentation. If you would like to start beta testing the API. Please contact us to apply.

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